We’ve got you covered…

Yesterday we delivered You62 laptop cases for anyone with a silver MacBook and a You62 sticker for anyone with a white MacBook. The case is a way to protect your device and a place to display the badge stickers that you earn through the You62 online learning platform. If you already have a case and do not want the You62 case please turn it in to your LMC Specialist. Unfortunately laptop cases for white MacBooks were not available, but it’s ok because you can put your badge stickers directly on your device!
Earn your first badge!
The You62 Community Member badge teaches you the basics needed to earn any other badge and walks you through setting up your account. Along with your digital badge you’ll get a sticker for your laptop, Clock Hours, and can earn Salary Lane Credits! The You62 Community Member badge needs to be completed before you can earn any other badge. Once you’ve earned that badge you can explore the others like Restorative Justice, Twitter, or Science Centers.