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Register or Login

In order to earn badges in the You62 system you will need to register for a Credly account. Credly is a digital badge management system that we will use to create, issue, and store earned badges. It is also the way you will log in to the You62 website. Follow the steps below to register for an account!

  1. At the bottom of this website find the “Login with Credly” button
  2. Click “Join now”
  3. Enter your information for an individual account (school email, name, create a password), agree to the terms, and click “Sign Up Now”
  4. Check your email to confirm your account
  5. Click “Edit my Profile” to add a picture

Pick What To Learn

You can choose whether to attend  in person or to learn through the new online platform.

  • In person U62 learning experiences will follow the traditional U62 structure. To see the in person offerings click the green button below.
  • Online You62 learning experiences will provide support resources to learn from, instructions on how to implement in your classroom, a call to put that learning in to action, a place for you to submit evidence of your work, and a badge to recognize your achievement. To see the online offerings click the blue button below.

In Person    Online

Earn a Badge

Submit evidence of the work that you completed. Depending on the badge you are trying to earn this could be a link, picture, lesson plan, or sample of student work. Evidence will be reviewed by the You62 Team based on the criteria listed. If the criteria is met your hard work will be rewarded with a badge, clock hours, and Salary Lane Credit.


Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page for more information.